Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Poem about Mysteries

"Enchanted Midnight"

Twilight chants as darkness invade
Cricket buzzes all around the corner
Whispers of taboo and spells
A mysterious creature wanders this time

Wicked witches retrain to fly
By its laughing broom and cast
Black magic’s are stronger this time
As the full moon lights up the town

Dwarfs commence to laugh and play
Tiny people with power and wealth
Lives in tiny hill-like soil
Wants to socialize and just be secure

Fairies have shown it’s gorgeous
Flapping its glittery transparent wings
Pollinating flowers with bees as rides
Like Barbie dolls at night

Wolves started to howl at peak
Making few coward creatures be afraid
Its fangs and claws are sharp and deadly
That every prey has no chances to escape

Vampires wake up at this time
From its dead sleep to a lively one
Coming out of its scary coffin
To victim and sip again fresh bloody humans

As the clock strikes twelve
Nocturnal started to crawl, creep and kill
Innocent daytime creatures have no escapes
From this violent culture your one of their prey!


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