Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sad Poem: "I'll Be Fine

Sadness is what we felt when we lose someone we love the most. Loneliness takes when you reminisce the past with the person you consider as your one true love. However, no matter what life brings everything will fall into a right place in a right time as long as you believe!

 Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

Sadness is real and not yet heal
Darkness surround, hatred is around.

Bitterness felt, sorry won't melt
Man hater I was, no one ever passes.

Locked myself inside, pain I hide
Cried every night, I lose sight.

Dreamt of killing, I am dying
Stabbed to death, can't even breathe.

Woke up with reality, life is too unhealthy
Everything is not right, wishing for light.

Sadness remain, can't have you again
Waiting in vain, hopeless to regain.

Loneliness is forever, live or never
Life is trifling, without you is nothing.

Can't do anything, hoping someone will bring
The happiness I mean, whom I can lean.

One day I will be fine, light will shine
Never come back, I'm on the right track.

Friendship is enough, which made me tough
Satisfied with what I have, contentment is love!

-by Ajangel_jerel-


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