Friday, November 17, 2017

Sad Poem: "Lost Friendship"

This poem is all about: A friend who had hurt his beloved friend but when his friend asks forgiveness, he was rejected and told that it will never work anymore. The painful truth will set him free. Friendship gives happiness in every hearts of man but may give also aches when it is broken suddenly.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Since the day that I met you
My heart was filled with blithe
You gave colors to my world
Because of smiles, you brought

You make me laugh when I’m sad,
After a moment, I’m already glad.
You're a good friend! So, told me-
“I will treasure till the end.”

One day I saw you crying.
They said because of my wrongdoing.
I told you to smile but you did not,
Because of me, anger filled your heart

I was hurt, don’t you know?
Our friendship broke, why is it so?
I tried to ask you, you turned your back
I said sorry but you answered-
“That’s not enough!”

I decided to let go
With our friends that didn't ever flow.
And how hard I wish today,
That you’ll forgive me someday


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