Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Poem about Titanic

The lessons of Titanic still resonate its meaning, even to this day the story of this great ship can still touch our hearts.
Photo by Abraham Wiebe on Unsplash

"Whispers’ of Titanic"

Hear my calls from the depth of the sea
Listen kindly to what I plea,
I’m a lady of elegance as what you’ve seen
Sleeping unwillingly at the depth of the sea,

Maritime history had recorded my tragedy;
As one of the most sorrowful events of the century
From the coldness of water which I felt sleepy,
Forever I rested my gorgeous beauty

Along the silence, grimy water underworld,
I laid my beauty stock along the cold
Under the darkness, I started getting old,
Inevitably rusting and covered with mold

Date back before when I was so superior,
Queen of the vessels which everyone would soar
But now as the microbes pulverized me as iron ore,
Alone in the depth of the sea, I felt so inferior

Unsinkable luxurious as what I described before,
Glamour and beauty that I used to wore
But unexpectedly I sunken and I was torn,
By a large icy glacier that surprised me more

I’m also a lover and a pampering traveler;
On my onboard were lots of wanderers
Routing to New York City as an explorer
But only a few have finished and become my storytellers

Sooner or later I will be gone forever
As my system decompose slowly in the bodies of water,
But my stories will live and will always be lighter
Like the star in the sky as a guide for a traveler

Learn from my sorrow for you to share;
Teaches to understand and certainly took care,
Remember the service that I use to render
For you my people that should be remembered,

Don’t avoid me but learn from me
So that no more ladies will suffer my eerie,
I am also a visage of a sad catastrophe
That entails significance for others to see,

My experience was worst but truly remarkable;
Continuously resonating its lessons like a fable
Touches every heart which is surely liable
To an innocent, elegant lady which is truly memorable,

Please listen kindly for my solemn entreaty;
For it must not happen again in our history
I whisper' this way in a form of literary,
That I’m a lady who slept in the depth sea full of weary.


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