Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dark Poem - "Despondent"

This is a poem about hopelessness. A literary piece that describes me as a poet. Sometimes life wakes us up one morning and realizing everything is being messed up and goals seem to be unreachable. 

Photo by Julien Laurent on Unsplash

Hopeless lad can't find his refuge
Low spirit, lost the courage to carry on
Self-pitying, belittled his own self
No wonder he looks so depressed

Seeing this boy I felt so melancholic
I'd discern in his black hollow eyes
The battles inside that he's fighting
 Pale lips barely surviving against his demons

As he looks into the broken mirror
Reflection shows phantom ghost
Dark,  hideous and uncertain about life
A sorrowful visage that looks like a nightmare

It was an epoch of incredulity;
A point in his life that everything is broken;
Lost in his own wilderness and imagination.
Hard to fix and redeem the missing pieces

Reluctant to get some help for upliftment;
Crippled by his own fear and negativity.
Perhaps he needed someone to show the light
To guide his path and break his self-bondage.


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