Friday, December 8, 2017

Dark Poem - "Faceless"

In my dream, I saw a face
So blurred and hard to trace
Don't know how to determine
An image that I have never seen.

Wake up and want to remember
The face that is full of glitter
But still couldn't recognize
That face I'm maybe mesmerized

Slept again at night
Hoping that I can sight
The face that I want to see
Not only in my dream but in reality.

When I close my eyes
I'm suddenly surprise
The face that I saw
It's him, who hurt me so.

It's hard to accept easily
That I'm dreaming of him today
I ask for an explanation
But no one can explain the situation.

Now, I don't want to hear
Because he was the reason of my fear
And leads me to drink a pill
Myself, I want to kill.

I am very much affected
Of all the pain that he brought
Found myself belittled
Sad things I never taught.

Immediately, my eyes are open
Dreaming is not good and it ruin
For my dream is so unbelievable
Because he is not even capable.

The face that I saw in my dream
From then on I want to scream
For his image has to darken
My life and I was broken.

Photo by Ronaldo Oliveira on Unsplash


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