Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Poem about Injustice

Prisoner of false accusation will always break one's heart. It's a sad truth that justice is not fair sometimes.

Photo by Daryan Shamkhali on Unsplash

Tears overflow
Pain don't want to show
You are the victim
Death you're to blame.

People came after you
Nowhere to go
Disguise here and there
Hurtle everywhere.

Until you're arrested
I am so worried
Inmates are unruly
Afraid you will be a bully.

Warden is watching
Anywhere you are going
Every mistake you did
Be punished and became a slave.

Prisoner with a false accusation
Justice, you want not detention
Hoping for the truth to prevail
Want to be released from that jail.

May justice be served
In every law, we can't bid
Sad truth we might deserve
For no resources to give.



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