Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Poem about Lies

"Embellish Lies"

It was a midsummer night experience;
When everything started into a fairytale,
Our love story began like a blossoming flower,
Fraught with laughter and sweet memories.

I still remember your soft kisses,
Your hugs that caress my soul
The heat of your touch is powerful;
It makes me feel so whole.

We shared stories of our lives,
Eat and drink together like a couple;
Sleep side by side cuddles every night.
Our souls become one in synchrony.

Promises were chanted  to moonlight,
That our love will continue to flourish,
And will never stop and perish.
Intense love and lusty that's what we have.

But one night I woke up without you;
The heart was frozen, my room feel so cold
So weary and painful, numbness all over me.
I knew there's nothing left to lose in me.

Fairytale turned into a nightmare.
How could you do this to me?
We're so good yesterday, now its over.
Can't you come back and fix me?

Is it easy for you to forego everything?
The things we've shared and created;
Is it just a game of fire for you?
After you've played and tasted you'll find new?

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash


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