Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dark Poem - "Incessant Search"

A poem about a continuous search for happiness. It's an unending pursuit of love, dreams, and aspiration in life. This poetry will take you to a morbid world of fantasy and miseries trying to find truth and self.

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

Room so dark and cold,
Numbness has caress soul
Tears have dried already
Can this pain end soon?

Isolated and  out-casted;
No friends to hang onto;
Sorrow has shadowed heart
Too dusky, no way out.

Listen to this plea dearie
Don't hear but please listen;
Can't you see it clearly?
I'm stuck in this dreary.

Crestfallen and frustrated
Baffled by truth and lies
Aspirations to life go awry
Where's happiness now?

Dreams become nightmares
Smiles turned into sadness
Goals were replaced by regrets
Dismayed by life uncertainties

So where is happiness?
So lost in the search;
Distress by reality
Is it even attainable?


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