Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sad Poem - "Don't Judge Me"

Can't hide this feeling
And I want to tell you this thing
How can I say it to you
When you go far away from me too.

I sat beside on a couch you hide
I have something to say but you don't look at me
Stand up and grab your cup
Left me and I feel so pity.

Rumors heard that I am ugly
Black and so untidy
Don't have the capacity 
To be your one and only maybe.

Never believe in hearsay
Unless you tell me that I am nobody
Don't deserve your love in any way
And not even your friend someday.

Until one day I have the chance
Caught you in one glance
Staring at me seriously
Thought that you're thinking solemnly.

Knew that you underestimate me
Describe me too bad to hear thee
I felt depressed and very lonely
So judgemental in everything you say.

I told myself to stay away
With the kind of person, you are to me
Judging me for who I am maybe
But never known me so deeply.


Photo by João Silas on Unsplash


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