Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Love Poem - "Exhausted Love"

My voice is hoarse for calling for help;
It seems like nobody listens to my plea.
Don't you ever pity me, my love?
For chasing you and begging you for love?

How can you leave me so down,
When you're up there laughing around.
Isn't it enough breaking me apart;
Just for you to feel stronger all the time.

I wonder each night why you've done it;
You've made promises that you can't keep.
Don't you feel my pain, my lover,
Cause I'm tormented deeply inside.

I'm fragile that's why you've crushed me.
Vulnerable that's why you've played my heart.
I'm exhausted from begging for your love.
Love isn't enough I guess, I'm moving forward.

Photo by Veronika Balasyuk on Unsplash


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