Friday, December 1, 2017

A Poem about Fitness

"I Want to Be Fit"

Tonight, while I was going to work
I saw a guy wearing a green polo shirt
In front of me, he sat while riding on a jeepney.
He was sweaty but good physique is observable
I imagine if only I didn't stop hitting the gym
I may have that kind of body as well
Felt jealous of it though awkward to stare at him
Then I commence to think again;
If I should be back grindin'
Pushing myself to limits and have a fit lifestyle.
It's tough to do it when I'm so lazy
In getting my ass off the couch.
Well, I know I'll regret my procrastination
Whenever I stand in front of the mirror
And see myself fat, unhealthy and ugly.
Sometimes, we learn in a hard realization;
That we let time slip by in pursuing our goal;
Without doing things that we want and like --
We wish but we never work for it to be attained.
Hope it's not too late my dear self;
In pursuing this crusade for my self-improvement

 Photo by Hannah Cauhepe on Unsplash


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