Friday, March 22, 2019

Love Poem - "Only You"

I miss you, when could I see you?

My heart beats fast longing to be with you,
Couldn't sleep at night kept thinking of you
What will I do just to be beside you?

I miss you, no matter what I do it's still you
Getting busy but things remind me of you
Everything in my mind is only you
How can I ever get rid of you?

I miss you but I can't let go of you
Look at our pictures & it's only me and you
Spent plenty of memories with you
Can I still forget you? 

I miss you is all I can tell you
Hoping one day, I will again see you
No matter how long, I want to meet you
For all, I know it's only you. 


Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash


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