Monday, September 9, 2019

"Hidden Desire" - Dark Poem

A whisper to heaven
An entreaty for you my friend. 
To God up above, hope He listens.
I want to contain my inner side
To obtain better control in life

If thirsting myself will provide peace
Let thy soul be serenade by Your voice
For I felt suppressed inside out
As desire is deprived for one’s l*st
Trying to hide the surface mask

Pheromones are strong, intensely dark
Indulging in this hollow I’ll get succumb
In this precipice of objectification,
It will sure be sufficed dark mind
Prisoner of desire, a puppet of one’s mind

I’ll let this slip and suppress everything
I won’t destroy my visage and facade
For I see no value in fueling our flames
Not foolish enough to burn me twice
For someone who’ll never be mine.


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