Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Miss Dancing - Sad Poem


I miss dancing,

I miss energy and community

Away from masks and sickness

Connection love & fun

Not fear of future

It’s up to the stars our paths

Our fate who knows

It’s not ours to know

Cyree cyraa haha… 

Maybe next spring;

Another season perhaps a man,

Perhaps not I have any love for lies

Unless they are unto myself

That I know well but there’s truth even in that

Bliss doesn’t exist in this realm

But pretense is a thing,

Perhaps a new hairstyle next spring..

Maybe I’ll be skinny

Probably not

Less time for lovers and more for myself

To be part of an uprising, an uproar!

Demolishing the structures of society 

Would bring strength,

And for my soul, 

Would serve some purpose.

I still miss dancing…

-Anonymous (AU)

sad poem - i miss dancing


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