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Do you have the passion to express yourself in a very creative literary manner? Maybe, its time for you to widen your world and try to share what is inside that morbid mind. We all know that at some point, we can't just hold onto that heavy feeling; we needed someone who'll just listen with our heartbreaks, disappointments, anxieties and bad times. But sometimes, its really hard to find that right person to trust with all your dark little secrets.

This is why I created this blog. To express the darkness inside cause I know how suffocating it is when you contained it within you. It feels like a volcanic eruption when you keep it to yourself. You feel exploding!

You can write anonymously. Just like a random stranger trolling around on the internet. The difference is that you are releasing that negativity and trying to express it through your creative words.


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 Photo by Sarah Brink on Unsplash

Every minute you are thinking of evil,
you might have been thinking of good instead.
Refuse to pander to a morbid interest in your own misdeeds.
Pick yourself up, be sorry, shake yourself,
and go on again.
- Evelyn Underhill


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